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The Kasumi-An Martial Art of To-Shin Do - SKH0026

The Kasumi-An Martial Art of To-Shin Do
Producent: SKH Quest Center
Punkty: 1
ID: SKH0026
70.00 PLN

The Kasumi-An Martial Art of To-Shin Do

Autor: Stephen K. Hayes
ISBN 0-9632473-9-5 82 pages Softcover comb-bound

To-Shin Do reality-based training provides a modern approach to handling successfully the kind of threats and confrontations most likely in our contemporary culture. Insights, exercises, inspirations and the training methods, skills, and knowledge required for your first belt test in the martial art of To-Shin Do. Warrior etiquette, basic 5-element fighting theory, codes for generating success, belt testing, and philosophy.